Círculo e Meio

by Joana Chicau and Renick Bell

An audio-visual live coding performance combining choreographic thinking and algorithmic improvisation.

{ ( [ live coding, audio-visual performance, collaborative real-time composition, dual interface, hybrid languages, dual syntax, web-environments, graphic design, choreography, computer programming, scores & scripts ] ) }

The performance aims at reflecting how language boundaries are enacted through the computing environment and the society at large. The piece explores how movement, gestures, discourses, and behaviours are choreographed and communicated through the apparatuses at work and how our hybrid digital systems and transdisciplinary research practices co-construct each other. It is informed by on-going research and recollection of musical and choreographic sources and scores that reference principles of non-linear composition, non-hegemonic time and space constructs, techno-feminist understandings.
It combines two distinct but connected digital interfaces - an audio system for live coding in Haskell (Bell, 2011) and a visual system for live coding in the web browser (Chicau, 2017) - with additional tools enabling data-sharing and possibilities for each to influence the other’s system. The interaction use a shared choreographic vocabulary, creating meaning and producing an imaginarium around the act and conditions of coding. It provides a platform enabling spontaneous joint composition and audio-visual interactions.

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Link to a video recording (v.01)
Link to the audio recording (v.02) & (v.01)

The documentation of the project is delivered in an open-ended format, following Free/Libre Open Source (Floss) models/ philosophies. The source code for the project will be updated on github and in the form of an inventory/catalogue which further explains the conceptual dimension of the project.

Performance schedule:

2019/ January — MediaLab, Madrid
2018/ June — Passos Manuel, Porto
2018/ September — Spektrum, Berlin

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~ a growing inventory: collection of scores, ontologies on circling, circles and spheres... by Joana Chicau and Renick Bell.